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Massage Benefits

Massage Benefits

Let PMS disappear

Although research is not yet widespread, there have been only findings that claim that massages the terrible PMS symptoms can tie the belt. So say goodbye to that bloated feeling and mood wings.

Fights pain

Especially with back and muscle massage would be ideal analgesics. A study from 2011 showed that pain patients who were massaged themselves felt much better and so is better functioned. “We found that massage is as effective as pain relievers, acupuncture, exercises and yoga,” says Dan Cherkin, lead researcher.

Promotes sleep

Ever fallen asleep on a massage? Then nobody has to convince you that this relaxing activity can promote sleep. Several studies have already established and the link due to the effect of massage on delta waves. These brain waves are in fact associated with deep sleep.

Boost your immune system

Several studies (although small) massages have been linked to a better functioning immune system. In 2010 for example, scientists discovered that massage would increase the number of white blood cells. More ‘manpower’ is for our internal disease fighters. So gentlemen, no reason to protest. Who also no inspiration for Valentine’s Day and would like a healthy, rested, pain-free and PMS women want: massaging the message! So go get those wonderful massage but already …]]>