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Massage techniques

book a professional massage in a massage salon or on a location requested by the client. Not every client is aware of the enormous variety of massage techniques, the different benefits and the history of the different massage techniques known and used nowadays.
Traditional Asian massage techniques like Thai massage, Oriental massage and traditional Chinese massage are massage techniques based on the idea that massage can not only help the body and mind relax, it can also enhance the health and help recover from injuries. These massage techniques work from the same idea as Therapeutic massage: by rubbing, kneading and stroking the blood circulation will improve enabling the body to get rid of waste and fluids. Asian massage techniques also make use of pressure points to treat injuries in certain areas, much like the massage technique of Foot massage. Using massage and pressure points to enhance the overall health is a very old Asian technique used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Traditional Scandinavian massage techniques are also widely known and used by professional masseuses. The Swedish massage uses a few different techniques and the masseuse will only use the hands to perform the massage. Stroking, kneading and ‘tapping’ the body are the most distinct techniques used for a Swedish massage. Besides the well-known Swedish massage, also the Hot stone massage, Spa massage and Aroma therapy massage are massage techniques that make use of the Scandinavian techniques. By using the hands to perform the massage and adding natural oils, hot stones or perform the massage in a spa the massage gives the client a whole different experience.
Besides the sufficient health benefits most people book a massage to relax their body and mind. A Relax massage is a way to relax the body in a safe environment with soft music, scented candles and dimmed lights to give the client an overall relaxing experience. A Couples massage usually is a Relax massage for two, performed by two professional masseuses using stroking and kneading to relax the body. A Full body massage takes the relax massage a step further and treats all body parts that might need attention to relieve stress in the body and mind.
When a relaxing massage is a bit ‘too soft’ a Deep tissue massage might be the answer. Besides using the hands to knead and ‘grab’ muscles, also for example elbows, wrists and pushing the full weight are used to address the muscles that are tense. For serious injuries or sport related muscle aches a Sports massage can help speed up the healing process. To book a Sports massage
In short all massage techniques are based on relaxing and increasing the health of the body and mind. By stroking, kneading, leaning and/or tapping muscles and whole body parts are treated. Some massage techniques are known for their soft approach, others for their intense feel and others for using a relaxing environment like a spa or aroma therapy. A massage technique should suit the goal of the client and must be performed by a professional masseuse. Explaining your aches and stressed body parts before starting a massage should prevent a client from walking away from a massage that did not help the body relax or treat an injury in the correct way. With a variety of massage techniques and professional masseuses to choose from, there is a massage suitable for everyone.]]>