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Swedish massage

Swedish massage

One of the more known types of massage is the Swedish massage. This traditional massage technique is particularly good for tight muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. The technique uses kneading en stroking to stretch the muscles and make sure blood circulation in the muscle is restored.

Swedish massage uses stroking to warm up the body at the start of the massage. When the body is warmed up and the mind is relaxed the masseuse continues kneading and stroking to localize the problem areas. Using deep tissue massage techniques, friction lifting muscles slightly, vibration and kneading in different ways the massage tries to ease muscles and smooth out muscles that are tense or have knots.

The massage technique tries to push blood into the muscle to ease it and protect against injury. Whilst doing that the technique triggers the lymphatic drainage system which makes toxins produced in our bodies to be processed quicker. After a Swedish massage done by a professional masseuse the body feels revived, knots and aches in muscles have disappeared or at least have improved and the client experiences an overall healthy feeling.