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Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a certain massage technique from Thailand which involses stretching and deep massage. There is no oil used with Thai massage. The client will wear comfortable clothes during the Thai massage and lies on a mat. The masseuse that practices Thai massage uses stretching of arms, legs and leans on the client while massaging him or her.

Thai massage, or nuat phaen boran, is an unique massage technique used to make the client help relax body and mind. Applying pressure and stretching all parts of the body is part of the relaxing massage. Thai massage has it´s origin in ancient Thai medicine and is therfore used for relaxation as well as treating body aches. By stretching body parts and applying pressure by using hands and elbows the body and mind can relax and heal. As opposed to the Chinese tradition of medicine, Thai massage is not connected to the organs and massage is used to treat the muscles and body parts that are touched by the masseuse.

The massasues will apply pressure and stretch severla body parts. Pulling hands, nose, ears and legs aswell as cracking knuckles and walking on the clients back are techniques used that distinguish Thai massage from other massage techniques. Rythmic pressing and stretching are an important part of the massage. Hong Kong Massage offers professional massueses with experience and knowledge of Thai massage. After a Thai massage the client will feel relaxed in body and mind and several aches of the body will be relieved.